grand rapids

“Hi, Bentley!”

Ben, Quinn, and I had just walked in the door of 25 Kitchen, a restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Obviously, the hostess was acquainted with our Ben (originally named Bentley by Paul and me). She led us to our table.

“Hi, Bentley!”

The waitress knows him too! What can I say? Ben has lived in Grand Rapids since he was a freshman in high school. Let’s see, that would be 26 years, long enough to gather an expansive friends collection.

It had been way way too long between Ben sightings, so Quinn and I were nearly giddy about seeing him. Here’s our first glimpse:

Several months ago Ben sold his house, separated himself from a bunch of unnecessary stuff, and co-leased a condo at this downtown renovation of an old school—Union Square. It is so cool!

I couldn’t even wait until we got settled in our room to start taking pictures.

Ben lives on the 6th and top floor with a view toward the west, potential for some spectacular sunsets when those clouds lift.

I wouldn’t promise the kitchen looks this good all the time.

I lag, not wanting to miss a photo op.

Recreational opportunities galore.

Someone’s private backyard. Did I say private?

Any guesses what this room is?

A guy can never have too many gadgets.

Or bikes, it appears.

Quinn and I had a dual purpose for traveling to Grand Rapids. Every year we find a Beth Moore conference to attend, and this year’s choices included GR!

Seventy three hundred women filled Van Andel Arena. Planners expected 4,000, given Michigan’s dreadful economy, so they were quite surprised.

Beth’s theme, “Lessons from Out on a Limb,” came from Luke 19:1-10, the story of Zacchaeus.

Friday night it was just us two.

On Saturday morning our dear Kathy joined us.

More than a few years ago, Quinn nannied for Kathy’s three kids, the youngest, James, now a college student.

The three of us did some stuff together besides eat and walk around Ben’s complex. He drove us to Grand Haven, on the Lake Michigan coast, to show us where he spends his summer weekends on this or other boats owned by friends. I’m sure the appeal has to do with sunshine and water, but could also have something to do with the minimal attire on the women boaters. It’s only a guess, of course.

I don’t suppose you noticed that one of us suffers from scare hair.

Chillin’. I know that look.

Just one more shot before we part company. How we love our Ben!

On our way back to the Detroit airport, we squeezed in a short visit with two of Quinn’s (and my) friends—Tracy (from high school days) and Jamie (from college days).

Quinn and Tracy in high school.

Now wives and mothers.

Quinn and Jamie shared housing and bought this pup together.

Here’s Jamie in the now, with son, Michael.

We headed back to our homes with hearts filled to the brim.

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2 Responses to grand rapids

  1. Jo Helsabeck says:

    Thank you, Sherry!

  2. Karen says:

    I just loved this posting… just loved it. So good to get more of Q’s background – and to see her smiling so HUGE about seeing her beloved brother. Loved it. You are the blogger extraordinaire!

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