two sides of my family overlap

You met cousin Jim in my last post. I concluded my story about him at his house, but my time with him actually continued, overlapping with my next visit—with cousin Mona (from my dad‘s side of the family). In my earlier posts, I didn’t take the opportunity to brag about my cousin Dave (the oldest of Aunt Kay’s kids). Every one of you has reaped the benefit of his inventions: fuel injection and cruise control! I’ve seen the patents, credited to Dave but owned by Delco/GM. Well cousin Jim was equally endowed with a geeky brain, and he puts it to use as designer of the computer system for the new elementary school being (re)built as we speak. Turns out, cousin Mona is librarian for that school, and she has very definite ideas about how things should be done in her department.

Here’s Mona expressing her opinions with Jim and the job foreman.

She spends all day every day with students in that space, so it’s reasonable that it matters to her.

Jim demonstrated the remarkable classroom computer setup the teachers already enjoy in half of the rebuild. No more chalk! No more dry erase! Hello stylus!

Twenty-one years ago my cousin John, his wife, Mona, and two daughters, Shawn and Amy, were enjoying a country drive. The corn was high. Another driver missed a stop sign and hit their truck on the driver’s side, killing John instantly, seriously injuring Mona, injuring Shawn, and traumatizing Amy. It’s been a long haul for all of them, but life has returned to a new normal for all. This is Dick, Mona’s fiance. Between the two they have seven dogs, six of them Jack Russell terriers. It took the prospect of a piece of turkey breast to quiet them—at least long enough to take this picture.

Here’s Amy. I stopped to visit her on my way through Indianapolis on my solo road trip. This is her “classroom”—where she works with the students who need extra help in learning. I had only a brief look at her with students, and that was at the carpool line. But I saw enough to understand this:

As I’m prone to do, I’m including a picture of Amy as a little squirt. (photo by H.K.)

Here she is now, with Hunter. It was so much fun getting to know Amy as a beautiful adult woman.

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1 Response to two sides of my family overlap

  1. Kathy hamson says:

    It IS fun getting to know someone you already love, isn’t it?

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