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six months

Sometimes being born 50 percent German comes in handy. My stubborn streak hasn’t always been considered an attractive trait, but for the past six months—especially those recent 12 days of travel—I’ve put it to good use. On November 30, 2009, … Continue reading

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Who says you can’t go home again? My Midwest road trip took me back to my hometown, Wheaton, Illinois, where I lived from infancy through young married. The only thing that looked familiar as I drove down the main drag … Continue reading

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grand rapids

“Hi, Bentley!” Ben, Quinn, and I had just walked in the door of 25 Kitchen, a restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Obviously, the hostess was acquainted with our Ben (originally named Bentley by Paul and me). She led us … Continue reading

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two sides of my family overlap

You met cousin Jim in my last post. I concluded my story about him at his house, but my time with him actually continued, overlapping with my next visit—with cousin Mona (from my dad‘s side of the family). In my … Continue reading

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cousin jim

During the visiting time prior to Aunt Kay’s funeral, I struck up a conversation with Caleb, first cousin once removed—in other words, my cousins Jim and Lisa’s kid. (Jim is AK’s youngest, and I remember when he was born.) I … Continue reading

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aunt kay

Aunt Esther, Aunt Helen, Aunt Bee, and Aunt Kay—four, that’s all I had. Aunt Kay lived 91 years, leaving behind four children and a passel of grands and great-grands. And me! I was one of the lucky ones born to … Continue reading

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our moms

I’ve read a lot, a lot, of status updates on Facebook today, most expressing the same sentiment— “My mom is the best mom in the whole world.” I understand this, since mine is/was. Of course the name “mom” is relative. … Continue reading

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photo macy

It’s the first Friday of the month, which means downtown Newberg comes to life for First Friday Art Walk. Even though downtown is walking distance from our home, we rarely go. But tonight we had a good reason to head … Continue reading

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All this time I thought an atlas was what you pulled off the shelf to see where some unknown country is. But today, in my ongoing quest for relief from sciatica-related issues, I visited a chiropractor (third appointment, since x-rays … Continue reading

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save a tree

I’m not really proud of my mistakes. I just figure confession is good for the soul. At my last confession I showed you my month-long typo. This time: The small stack on the top is what I meant to print—thumbnails … Continue reading

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