Let me introduce you to Derin and Andra.

Unless you’re from some other planet, you probably think they are strikingly handsome/beautiful. And they are our niece and nephew—more specifically—Derin is Margaret-Rose’s (Mauri’s first wife) brother’s son. I took this picture at their wedding (what was my first clue?) eight years ago. The beautiful thing about these beautiful people is that they don’t know they’re beautiful. You know what I mean?

And look who’s anticipating the arrival of their first baby!

Several weeks ago I received an invitation to a baby shower for Andra with a link to her “alternative gift registry.” I was immediately drawn to this particular item: “Baby wash cloths/cotton wipes (30)—We’d like to use cloth wipes (like cotton or flannel pieces of fabric) instead of disposable wipes when possible. Old cloth diapers or (washable) fabric scraps with finished edges would work great too.

My crafty friends quilt, knit, crochet, etc. lovely blankets and sweaters when a new baby is expected. But I’m not patient enough for that, more into instant gratification, I suppose. I headed straight for our linen closet, pulled out all the flannel sheets and pillow cases, and started cutting 7″ squares. Oh, did I have fun! And I got a little carried away.

I wore this shirt to work one day and noticed a tiny spot on the front. Of course I couldn’t wear the shirt anymore, so, since it was 100% cotton, I cut it up, sewed together two 7″ squares, turned, and restitched, and added one more baby wipe to the pile.

Okay, and the green shirt too. I just kept adding to the pile until…

…this morning came and it was time to wrap things up. I overshot my goal by only 18. You can never have too many baby wipes, right?

[inside the card]

The shower was hosted by Julene, one of the baby’s grandmothers.

You’ve seen Julene’s handiwork here before.

She even made corsages for each of us to wear. And here’s a great idea for you shower planners. See the little card with the baby drawn on it? We were asked to write on the back our name and address and a description of our gift. It saves someone that tedious task of keeping track during the gift opening.

Can you guess where Daddy’s interests lie?

No matter her response, though she liked them, I’m quite sure in this case it was more blessed to give than to receive.

And who wouldn’t want to be thought about, even subconsciously, at every diaper change?

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5 Responses to showered

  1. Raelene Fendall says:

    This is wonderful! Congratulations to Andra and Derin and all the grand and great-grandparents! (I care about Daryl and think of him once in a while. Hadn’t seen him for years. Enjoyed a brief visit at Kenneth’s memorial service.)
    Their first 8 years after marriage–I can identify with the overflowing gratitude and anticipation.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift idea, including the recipe for the wetting solution.

  2. Julene says:

    What a treat to read this post!! These “kids” are something else!! Your wash cloths are every bit as detailed as anything!! They are sewn together with the corners matching and the flannel fabric brings up the sweetest remembrances of years past!! We await this birth with great joy!!

  3. Pam says:

    I came over from Flower’s blog
    Everything was indeed beautiful
    especially the couple
    Love the wipes
    Is she up for being ‘Green’
    when my kids were little it was cloth diapers and special washcloths for wipes
    Now a days…if a toddlers panty get soiled the mom or dad may just toss it instead of rinsing it out….like we did SO many times a day (o:

  4. ellen b says:

    I’m coming by way of Flower’s blog. You are quite handy with that sewing machine. What a great gift for the baby. They are a very handome/beautiful couple indeed!
    Love the shot of Flower with the tiered plates and I love her china!!

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