jeep nostalgia

Maybe you’ll indulge me a little, just a little, nostalgia relating to the wheels I traded in this week. When Mauri and I bought the Jeep in 1996 we almost immediately took it on a road trip to California and the Grand Canyon.  One could hardly consider it comfortable travel, but we had a great time inaugurating it. Funny thing is, the only picture I have of the Jeep on that adventure is this:

I deemed this picture album worthy because it was such an unusual happening. We were at a rest stop. Mauri came out of the facilities and without saying a word to me grabbed his briefcase and some music notation paper and starting drawing notes on the staffs. Something in the boys room inspired a song and he had to write it down before he forgot it. If this had happened today, having lived with him for nearly 16 years now, I wouldn’t consider it an unusual happening.

I snapped this shot out the back window of Harbor Villa’s Captain’s Cabin. There was a time when Quinn and I both had Jeep Wranglers (I copied her), and we were enjoying a mother/daughter weekend at the coast.

Nearly every summer we took the top off.

Cass’s mama made sure her little doll babe got to ride with the top off.

She liked it, I’d say.

But how cool is this?

Both Pete and Linsey…

…and John and Erin used it for their wedding getaway car.

Okay, time to move on. Plans are forming to make some memories in a cute red Honda Element.

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1 Response to jeep nostalgia

  1. Lisa S. says:

    I’d like to use your Honda as my get-away car! Bye-Bye!

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