new red ride

I’ve been blogging now for what? four plus years. And on a fairly steady basis. Funny thing is, my life on the whole is mundane, and I never, with a few standout exceptions, post anything notable. Yesterday was just another ordinary day in the life of Sherry Macy until this e-mail arrived toward the end of my work day:

The small-print note says: “39000mi, $[asking price]K…shall I buy it? We’ve been eyeing Honda Elements since brother Howard bought one. So far, it’s the only car that has caused me to turn my head, so to speak, from my beloved Jeep, the car I’ve been driving for 14 years now. That’s plenty enough time to form an unbreakable bond, and here I am acting all unfaithful, like I might even consider kicking old faithful to the curb.

A little later I got a call: “I think you need to come drive this car.”

At 5 I locked the office, jumped in old faithful, and drove it to the neighboring town of McMinnville to test drive what would soon become my/our “new” Honda Element. Meanwhile, Mauri returned to Newberg for a rehearsal, leaving me to decide (with his full blessing) and [deep breath] negotiate with a dealer the purchase—all by myself, just like a grownup! Thankfully I remembered a similar experience 14 years ago and knew how the system works: You lowball, wait for the “manager’s” response, they highball, we talk, you midrange, wait, they midrange, you say “I’ll sign the dotted line at $__x__,” wait, they add a couple hundred to that, and you have a deal. Then the paperwork, the endless paperwork.

I warned him his picture might end up on the World Wide Web.

And suddenly, without any warning or time for final farewells, he’s removing the tags and I’m clearing out my crud…

…and moving it to my/our “new” red ride.

Now, for 14 years I’ve happily driven a vehicle whose windows need to be hand cranked, whose doors lock (back when the locks worked) individually by pressing one side of a toggle, whose gears need to be shifted several times for each acceleration, whose gas pedal works only with foot pressure, whose air conditioning system works by down-cranking the windows, whose back-seat passengers maneuver in and out across a folded-forward front seat. I confess I had grown weary of  elbowing my girth into the driver seat for the past four years since my injured ankle no longer springs me upward. And yet—and yet—the only upgrade I truly longed for was…

…one of these! It’s called a fob (new word for me). By simply pressing one or the other button in the general direction of my/our new red Element, I can magically lock and/or unlock the doors. Isn’t that just the coolest thing since the Apple iPad?

You mean they had these before the iPad? Where have I been?

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5 Responses to new red ride

  1. pam macdonald says:

    Cool “new” wheels!

  2. LizW says:

    Sweet new ride! I’ve always liked those funny cars. I’m jealous 🙂 And I know from experience how hard it is to part with a Wrangler – even one without any modern features! Congrats and enjoy 🙂

  3. Marcile says:


  4. kathy hanson says:

    oh my you are so funny…

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