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living with history

When two families combine households, we combine histories as well. We can’t separate ourselves from our past—even if we wanted to! We are who we were. One of the items I considered precious enough to haul with me across the … Continue reading

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Let me introduce you to Derin and Andra. Unless you’re from some other planet, you probably think they are strikingly handsome/beautiful. And they are our niece and nephew—more specifically—Derin is Margaret-Rose’s (Mauri’s first wife) brother’s son. I took this picture … Continue reading

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Today we “celebrated” the fourth anniversary of our bike crash by going to acupuncture together. I mentioned earlier that I’ve been going to the senior center weekly for treatments, still working toward recovery, but today we both went. Before I … Continue reading

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We just never know what fun awaits us at work. Today’s excitement/entertainment: When was the last time you held a baby goat?

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fully appreciated

Our boss Elizabeth takes great delight in expressing her appreciation to Denise and me for the work we do. In fact, she does it so regularly, I didn’t connect today’s scavenger hunt to administrative professionals day, which is—today. Who knew? … Continue reading

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I just happened to be in McMinnville today and I just happened to know that our Jeep is out on the lot and I just happened to hang a right at the dealer entrance and I just happened to have … Continue reading

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mother nature

I don’t have a single picture to go with this post, so I hope my words will capture your interest long enough to click the link at the end. Every Thursday morning I go to the local senior center because … Continue reading

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gone too far

It could be I’ve carried this healthy eating thing a little too far. When I saw this on one of the blogs I read I shopped for the ingredients to replicate it. She’s a more serious blogger than I am, … Continue reading

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not reading

Have I mentioned that I read Shakespeare’s King Lear last month? Why, you ask? Believe me, it wasn’t on my reading list. But I’m in a reading group, and if I’m nothing else I’m at least a team player. God … Continue reading

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jeep nostalgia

Maybe you’ll indulge me a little, just a little, nostalgia relating to the wheels I traded in this week. When Mauri and I bought the Jeep in 1996 we almost immediately took it on a road trip to California and … Continue reading

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