why i love facebook

Several times a day I log on to Facebook to learn what’s happening in the lives of my (664) Facebook friends. Not all post “status updates,” and some write too many. I’m not always interested in what time a friend woke up this morning. So I’ve learned to skim. But we often learn important things, like a new baby on the way (three recently) or that a friend made it to England and is listening to the bells toll at Christ Church in Oxford. Every now and then I like to enter a status update myself, often including a link to this blog. It’s social networking at its best. I can be my own introverted self and a social butterfly at the same time—all controlled within my comfort zone and the amount of time I want to invest.

I could go on and on, but the very best part of Facebook, as far as I’m concerned, is the pictures! Especially family pictures. Like…

This sweet pumpkin is my grandniece, my sister’s grandbaby. She lives in Texas.

This little dollbabe is my first cousin twice removed. She lives in Alaska.

These little leprechans are also first cousins twice removed. They live in South Carolina.

This fairy princess is a second cousin to the two above and another first cousin twice removed for me. She lives in Colorado.

(It’s confusing, I know. My first cousin by marriage taught me how to figure out who is what.)

Here’s another sweet set of first cousins twice removed. They live in Indiana.

And another set of boy/girl first cousins twice removed. These cuties live in Arizona.

Yet another set of first cousins twice removed that I’ve never met. These live in Indiana.

Love that smile! This cuddlebug is my first cousins’ granddaughter, making her another first cousin twice removed. She lives in Bangledesh.

And of course our precious grandson. He lives in Pennsylvania.

Dusty posted this on his Facebook page of our other five grands on their way to Arizona for spring break.

How else but on Facebook would I get to attend my grandniece’s reptile birthday bash?

Um. Now that I think about it, maybe some events are better attended via pictures.

These three boa-ed beauties are my brother’s granddaughters. They live in Florida.

All of this brought to me by Facebook. Now I ask you, what could be better?

BONUS! The roots of 17 of the kiddos in this post can be found in this picture. And although the adopted ones don’t have our genetic roots, they still need to claim us, no matter how they might try to weasel out.

And the rest came from these roots. See the grinning Giants fan? In about seven months he’ll add to my collection of first cousins twice removed…maybe by two!

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1 Response to why i love facebook

  1. Myrna White says:

    LOVE all the photos, Sherry!! The children are adorable! And I completely agree with WHY you love Facebook. 🙂

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