These days they meet on some Friday mornings at McDonald’s, finding it easier to eat someone else’s cooking. But this morning son John and his pop decided to return to their old favorite homemade breakfast of fried mush and meat. John shows up with containers of refrigerated Cream of Wheat, which they slice and throw on the griddle.

I can see your mouth watering.

They cover that mush with butter and syrup and eat up hardy.

If I’m around, they invite me to share their feast. But of course I wouldn’t want to deprive them of even one morsel.

Today they added a new element: chess.

The set has made our home look chessy for the past 3.5 years, since Mauri 60th B-day—(a step back in time to…)

Until today unplayed. This king and queen finally got to serve their purpose.

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1 Response to mush

  1. rachel says:

    Darcy looks pretty interested in the fried mush as well. Did she at least get a taste? (It’s got to be healthier, or at least as healthy as ice cream is for a dog!)

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