Yesterday we were crafty, today we’re sporty. Do we get credit for exercise if we spend our day moving ourselves from one grandkid sport to the next? First…

Bailey’s baseball practice (outdoors, you’ll notice). He’s the one with the gold bat.

Then we moved on to…

Addison’s basketball game. Her team won, with our granddaughter making half of the points. Um, the score? 6/3. Okay, so they have a little room for improvement. But a win’s a win.

After lunch we headed out again, this time to watch…

Cassidy cheer with her squad.

After all this exercise, we needed fuel. So off to Pei Wei for supper and one more 5th birthday celebration for…

Paul. And then back home again for some more sports:

Looks like we’ll top off our sporty day with a big win over NC for our Dukies. Gimme a “D”! “U”! “K”! “E”!

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