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why i love facebook

Several times a day I log on to Facebook to learn what’s happening in the lives of my (664) Facebook friends. Not all post “status updates,” and some write too many. I’m not always interested in what time a friend … Continue reading

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These days they meet on some Friday mornings at McDonald’s, finding it easier to eat someone else’s cooking. But this morning son John and his pop decided to return to their old favorite homemade breakfast of fried mush and meat. … Continue reading

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volume 6

I was slow to create Cassidy’s latest book. She turned six last August, and I finally delivered the result a couple of weeks ago. Lateness didn’t seem to matter to her. I’ll save the thousand words and just share the … Continue reading

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i’m a loser

I had to give it up tonight to a deserving three-pound loser, but for the past week I got to flaunt the “L,” our Weigh2Go! award for being the week’s biggest loser. We consider the “L” an award, while the … Continue reading

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That’s quite a post title! You’ll understand in a minute. I’m about to share my March assignment. I figure why stop now? We’re two classes from the end and then I’ll stop inflicting my stories on you. Don’t believe everything … Continue reading

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when the cat’s away

For several years now, since its invention, Mauri and I kiddingly add “flat-screen TV” to our Costco shopping list. Once the big moment arrived to actually make the purchase, half of Newberg showed up at Costco to witness our extravagance. … Continue reading

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I’ve spent the weekend with a bunch of lovely and silly women out here at the coast.  Maybe you know some of them. You get the idea.

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taylor too

Absent from pictures in my other posts from Denver—Taylor. That isn’t because he wasn’t there. He showed up for the Five Guys event, and he drove the 40-mile (+/-) round trip from his home to be part of the birthday … Continue reading

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Yesterday we were crafty, today we’re sporty. Do we get credit for exercise if we spend our day moving ourselves from one grandkid sport to the next? First… Bailey’s baseball practice (outdoors, you’ll notice). He’s the one with the gold … Continue reading

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I’m not sure where Cassidy got the idea that I’m crafty, but whenever she hears I’m coming, she pulls her craft book off the shelf, pages through it, and bookmarks the one she wants me to make with her. I … Continue reading

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