The inveterate stay-at-home Mauri and Sherry want you to know they have ventured out to enjoy two drama performances in the past two weeks.

Joseph, the young man on the right, was a toddler when I first met him. And we’re particularly fond of his extended family. So of course we wouldn’t want to miss seeing him play the part of Mr. Bingley in our beloved Pride and Prejudice at the local high school. Young friend Zach, also a long-time acquaintance, played the role of Mr. Gardiner, the Bennet sisters’ uncle (no pic, sorry).

On Thursday another young friend, Eliana, came to the office with her mom to ask if we’d post this:

Eli plays the role of Hadassah (who becomes Queen Esther), so of course we wouldn’t want to miss that! Besides, my friend Lisa and I are working our way through Beth Moore’s Bible study on the book of Esther. So off the three of us went to the Alpenrose Dairy Opera House!

Here’s our little star:

We were quite amazed by the scope of this production: the huge cast, the costumes, and the delightfully light-hearted script. I mean, really, can you find fault with a biblically based theater production that includes a song titled “I Was Born to Be a Eunuch,” choreographed Rockettes style?

A little half-time refreshment…

…and a moment to admire the nearly full moon as it peeked through an opening in the cloudy sky.

Nearing 10:30 (!) we took our time exiting the opera house and were rewarded by this:

A star is born!

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2 Responses to hadassah

  1. Taylor says:

    It looks like you were trying out for a role in Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat!

  2. DSwan says:

    Sherry and Mauri, you guys inspire and encourage me.
    This morning I woke up with a song in my heart about being lonely. Eliana named the song for me and then we tried to look up “Hadassah, Little Star” on the internet. How surprised and pleased we were to find your review of the play. Great pictures too. A link to your blog is a great way to share that old experience with my distant family. Thanks so much.

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