i wrote a letter to my mother

I was inspired to write a letter to my mother (who died in 1988) when I read Rebekah Schneiter’s blogpost about a woman who is encouraging people to write “the things you would have said.” She tells her story on this TV interview. So when my assignment for writing class was to write 1,000 words inspired by a photograph, I followed my earlier nudge and submitted it to Jackie Hooper. She edited quite a bit out of it (her prerogative—I even signed the rights over to her), but here it is on her blog, along with the picture. I doubt that it will be considered bookworthy, but I’ll let that be Jackie’s concern.

Maybe you have something on your mind to write to someone. Do it!

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2 Responses to i wrote a letter to my mother

  1. Wow!

    I’m glad you wrote it, glad you submitted it, and glad you posted something here so I got to read it!

  2. Janet Marie says:

    Loved it, Sherry! I think our mom’s were a lot alike. I wonder if they’ve met in heaven yet. Perhaps tonight as I read your thoughtful words about your mom, and I sit here missing my “little mother” too. I think our dads might be a lot alike too.

    Thank you for sharing your words.
    You’re dearly loved and missed!

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