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and you thought pots and pans were for cooking

circa 1977 • Baby Taylor gets ready to pull the pans out of the cupboard. circa 2004 • Baby Cassidy—the same pans/lids offer entertainment. circa 2009 • Baby Oscar investigates our 43-year-old cookware. Chances are another babe or two will … Continue reading

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must read

Quinn sent me a link to a blogpost by her friend Karen. It is too good to not share. In fact I’m adding that blog to my Google Reader, just in case any of the other contributors are exceptional communicators … Continue reading

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mission accomplished

You haven’t heard much out of me lately and that’s because my life has involved one goal: keep the dog alive in Mauri’s absence. Usually when Mauri goes to help lead retreats at the coast during the month of January, … Continue reading

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Mauri’s home for one day between week two and week three of three retreats at Twin Rocks Friends Camp‘s Harbor Villa. The weather out at the coast hasn’t cooperated much with his picture-taking plans, but, alas, on Thursday night God … Continue reading

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it’s about time!

Let’s see, I’ve worked at Newberg Friends Church since September 8, 2003—six plus years—and I just now got my own office door plate. I guess it was just an extra long trial period, you know, to prove I had enough … Continue reading

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just wait till your dad gets home!

Since God is the God of second chances, I thought I’d follow his example and give Mr. Darcy a second chance. So I moved or removed the temptation toward mischief, feeling certain she couldn’t reach what I pushed way back … Continue reading

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in the doghouse

It isn’t as though I haven’t gone out of my way to help Mr. Darcy not miss her master while he’s at the coast all week. I let her sprawl next to me on the loveseat. I regularly scratch behind … Continue reading

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an eighth of a cow

Ever wonder what an eighth of a cow looks like? Looks like we made room for a fourth of a cow. Next time we’ll know.

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i wrote a letter to my mother

I was inspired to write a letter to my mother (who died in 1988) when I read Rebekah Schneiter’s blogpost about a woman who is encouraging people to write “the things you would have said.” She tells her story on … Continue reading

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