annual christmas greeting

Here it is—our annual Christmas greeting, the shortest one in my 40-year history of producing annual Christmas greetings. One page! You might even want to take a look.

Just click HERE.

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1 Response to annual christmas greeting

  1. Gene and Kathy Steiner says:

    Thanks for the neat e-letter… The links in red didn’t open for me… But I loved the concept and photos. You all look great… !

    No letter from us this year… Maybe a photo card.. We’ll see.

    We are headed to Aurora, CO for a family reunion with Joy and family, Kathy’s sister Coleen and husband Paul, her Mom – Honey – and brother Mark, Nancy And one of their sons and family — all from Nebraska… Justin and Alyson and ourselves. We plan to stay 8 days… I’ll work from there – via laptop and cellphone….. Togetherness… At the Doubletree for several days… Praying for great traveling weather.

    Gene and Kathy

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