more christmas fun

Earlier this week we replaced our weekly team meeting with a Christmas brunch. A white elephant exchange traditionally comes up in the planning and this year was no exception.

Unfortunately, Mauri didn’t get to keep the cool Star Wars light saber.

No one stole my singing Christmas puppy puppet, so I brought it home, although the host’s dog thought he should have it.

Jo made it clear we were not to steal her picnic backpack.

But Gregg didn’t heed her warning. He might even have enjoyed swiping it from her.

Don’t worry, Elizabeth, you may keep your goodie basket.

Tonight our reading group forewent (that’s an actual word) its usual reading assignment in favor of parting out the script for Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.”

That’s Scrooge in the cushy chair on the right.

“Marley” used a pan of utensils as a sound effect for his chains.

We had so much fun we’ve decided to do it every December. That will give me a full year to perfect my cockney accent, which tonight sounded suspiciously Southern.

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