Ever since reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, I’ve wondered what Darcy is thinking. This book is written in the first person, with a dog as the “I” character, which is preposterous, of course, but interesting nonetheless. The dog doesn’t talk, or anything strange like that, but we know what he’s thinking all the time. I enjoyed the book, even though I unsuggested it for our reading group about halfway through.

Since Darcy came home from the vet yesterday looking like this,

I’ve been even more curious about what she’s thinking. She looks pitiful, that’s for sure.

But I don’t think we need to worry about her getting enough TLC while she recovers from her no-pups-ever surgery.

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3 Responses to cone

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    She’s thinking, “Why did these people do this to me?? I thought they loved me.

  2. Ridge says:

    Poor babe….what surgery? Tell Mauri he’s supposed to hold that “megaphone” up to his ear! 🙂

  3. Lisa Springate says:

    Did Darcy get a band-aid on her boo-boo?? I’m glad she has you and Mauri to give her TLC during rehab….. So you read “…racing in the rain”?? How cool is that?? Can you believe how much that guy loved his dog?? Yep, I can too….Love, Lisa and Momma Anne -(she sends her love to Mr. D) p.s. Darcy is the most BEAUTIFUL dog I have ever seen. *sigh*

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