thanksgiving there and here

While it’s true we’ve already moved on to Christmas, I’m not above wallowing in the happiness of being together as a family for Thanksgiving for a few extra days. I s’pose it’s important to explain that being together electronically has to count. On Wednesday night Mauri received on his cell phone this picture (from Philadelphia) of grandson Oscar with a few words of Thanksgiving greeting from Rachel.

In just a few weeks we’ll get to pinch those sweet cheeks and run our fingers through that shock of blond hair!

And while we were enjoying our local family in the flesh [you will not be spared pictures], this came in from Quinn’s BlackBerry, along with a description of their day’s events.

Uncle Taylor with four of the five Anderson chicks.

What would a Thanksgiving post be without a picture of a smoked bird?

Our contributions to the meal, tables, dog—packed and ready to go. What would be do without our van?

Jobs for everyone.

Grandma Edna is no exception!

This pic captures Erin and Linsey’s collaborative efforts on the roasted bird, but it can’t compare to the shot from two years ago.

Mauri does the manly work of carving. This year we had a smoked section and a non-smoked section.

Add in some family friends—Tami Ankeny and her parents, Susan and Dennis—and we think we had a nearly perfect day. We might have called it a perfect day but then that gives us nowhere to go but down in 2010. That wouldn’t d0.

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