grandparent day

Today my three granddaughters’ classes hosted their grandparents at Grandparents Day in their classrooms at CHCC. Trouble is, none of their grandparents live within driving distance of their school. Still, Quinn makes sure we’re invited. I usually try to mail something to their teachers in advance so the kids can at least know I wish I could be there in person.

Most of my friends knit, quilt, tat, and crochet beautiful creations for their kids and grandkids. This grandma makes Old Maid card games using pictures readily available on my computer.

They’re laminated, meant to withstand the rigors of small-hand handling. I shuffled them and dealt them into three hands. Each girl (the two Anderson boys are either too young or too old for this event) opened an envelope that contained one “hand,” a love note, and instructions to take the cards home to play the game with her sisters.

A few minutes ago Quinn sent me a whole bunch of pictures of the girls playing their new game.

As much fun is it looks like they had, I’m betting my fun measured higher.

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7 Responses to grandparent day

  1. Q. says:

    That is one good-lookin’ family…

  2. Amy says:

    Oh Sherry ~ those are awesome!

  3. Aunt Cary says:

    Amazing! What a great idea! Those are some lucky grand kids 🙂

  4. Ridge says:

    You are so clever! And patient! And a great grandma!

  5. Erin says:

    So fun! Are we getting those in our stocking? =)

  6. hb says:

    SUCH a clever idea… I might just have to copy it!

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