the old back door

While I was in Michigan putting the finishing touches on my life as a Carlson and planning a wedding, Mauri was here in Newberg tearing a carport off of his house and overseeing the addition of a bedroom, office, and garage. In the demolition he set aside the old back door, recognizing its charm. After the wedding and my move out here, I toured the progress of the addition. It didn’t take long to pull out a measuring instrument and to notice the height of the old door was the same as the width of our California king bed. It didn’t take much to inspire Mauri’s handyman side and before long we had ourselves a funky headboard, probably the only one in Oregon with a working doorknob.

Here’s the only picture we have of the door on its original hinges.

Ready to haul inside. Let me tell you, this headboard was built to withstand a hurricane.

The base and sides are formed with rescued foundation beams, the top ledge scavenged from a friendly neighbor’s garage.

Yes, those are swim goggles hanging from the doorknob. Don’t ask.

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4 Responses to the old back door

  1. Joanna says:

    I love it! (the whole room, actually)

  2. Carol Sherwood says:

    OK, I read it. It was delightful. Where can I get me one of these? The headboard not a blog. 🙂 And why won’t you take my sherwoodstreet address? It told me it was not a valid email address. Of all the nerve!

  3. Janet Marie says:

    So creative! I’ve wanted to use a French door for a headboard in my guest room and paint flowers on the glass, never thought of adding a shelf on top. Love it! Does Mauri hire out…cross country? 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  4. Ridge says:

    Forget it….I’m asking! What are the swim goggles for? 🙂 Doesn’t the headboard get in the way of the backstroke?

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