I know—they’re just socks. Usually when I wear through the heels, I toss them. But these are special socks, custom knit for me as a gift from my friend Ridgely. So I kept them in my sock box, just because. But last weekend at church retreat my friend Bethany told me her daughter Hannah has a sock darning kit, and she loves to use it. No vacillating on this one. My ragged socks were in newly ten-year-old Hannah’s hands this morning. I almost had to wait. This afternoon she delivered them, all darned and ready to wear.

Bring on the winter chill—I’m ready!

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1 Response to darn

  1. Ridge says:

    Grinning is happening here! I’m so impressed that she knows how to darn…I can knit, but not darn…darn it! Go figure. Guess I’d best pick up that particular art if I’m going to insist on knitting socks! I’m so glad they are back on your feet!

    xxoo Me

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