denver wrap-up

I’m at home again, having jumped back into real life full steam ahead. But I’ll happily ignore the stack of mail and the et cetera I should be doing in favor of posting a few other pictures I took while with the fam in Denver.

It’s always good to see my boy T.

If you want some cheap entertainment, find a preschool basketball game. You will add a year to your life from all the laughing.

Model material! Their mamas are good friends.

Try to imagine what Halloween is like for these newly transplanted African children.

I left you thinking Bailey was “deemed” too old to trick-or-treat, but his parents (without any coercion) decided he could/should go too. Yay!

The cutest ladybug I’ve ever seen.

Then it was time for me to leave for the airport, and all five left their candy piles to offer me the traditional white-hanky farewell. “See you in two months!” It’s easier to leave when there’s a plan in place for next time.

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  1. Janet Marie says:

    Where did the white-hanky farewell start? I don’t think I’ve heard the story. You have the sweetest traditions in your family. Happy Holidays…to you all!

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