I woke up on Tuesday morning with the desire to go to Denver to hang out with the Anderson family for a couple of days. Long story short—here I am! And the excitement hasn’t stopped. We had a good start on the snow when I got here and a day later we had 25 inches:

I chose a good time to come, huh? Turns out it is a good time—all the kids are home from school for fall break. So we’ve been having us some fun. First,

a command performance for one (me) of all the kids’ choir songs.

In America only three months and already Addison knows all the words and the melody and the actions of all the songs. Her grasp of English is remarkable. Hearing her meaningful prayer last night, along with the others, might be the highlight of my visit.

Paul’s English is coming along too.

Quinn says food consumption and laundry have both inexplicably doubled since the addition of two.

I got to be the deliverer of a special gift from Uncle John and Aunt Erin—from Nike, a sample of an official Duke player shirt. Have I mentioned that the Andersons are Duke fans?

The kids were all eager to get out in the snow to play, but Paul’s persistent asking got him a preview dunking.

Quinn had to shovel her way to where the sleds are kept.

Eventually everyone got bundled up for a good romp in the snow. Paul was the first one in (15 minutes) and Bailey and Marissa lasted a full hour! And tomorrow’s another day.

Dusty demonstrates his love for his “The Office”-addicted wife. The satellite dish was covered with snow and not receiving a signal. But a few football tosses and a little tenacity was all it took.

The pictures don’t show the Juarez project and the puzzle project and all the games of Uno, Ruckus, and Old Maid. We’ve had a great day!

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4 Responses to denver

  1. Erin says:

    LOVE IT! All of it. So glad you’re there.

  2. Ridge says:

    I envy your ability to “just get up and go”! Enjoy it all!

  3. Hi Sherry,

    I was posting the newsletter to our website and making sure all the links worked. Imagine my surprise when I opened your blog and saw a picture that looked just like my backyard looks right now! Wait, that’s not Oregon… anyway, enjoy your stay in Denver, we love living here.

    Blessings, Leslie

  4. Alan says:

    Jealous of the snowynesseses. That’s a good dumping! And a good dunking!

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