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Well, you might have guessed I couldn’t resist posting about Halloween, since I’m here in Denver with five of my six grandkids. But first a little walk down memory lane, a short walk. My own little darlings ready to collect … Continue reading

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I woke up on Tuesday morning with the desire to go to Denver to hang out with the Anderson family for a couple of days. Long story short—here I am! And the excitement hasn’t stopped. We had a good start … Continue reading

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Yesterday during worship my head was bowed in reflection, but my eyes were open to what rested on my lap. What? Octobber? I hurried home to confirm my suspicion. Yep, every worship sheet this month… Sigh.

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Today our oldest grandson crosses over the invisible line into his teenage years. While we want to give Bailey plenty of room to be typical, we don’t anticipate anything tumultuous. If I were to list all his attributes, you would … Continue reading

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Tonight was the second of nine classes of a writing course—Lines, Curves, and Dots—offered at our church. We spent quite a bit of time in focus groups, sharing our assignment from the first class, that is to write a 250-word … Continue reading

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You can’t blame me for being proud of Mauri’s musical gifts, which he has spent a lifetime developing, honing, and using. Maybe I should say thankful instead of proud, since I have no basis for pride in something I had … Continue reading

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We are out at the coast again for our annual pastoral team retreat. A cool element this year is for each of us ten to share some aspect of our life story. I spent my allotted 15 minutes talking about … Continue reading

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family dinner

Today was our first family dinner of the new season. I’ve missed these gatherings during our summer hiatus, though there’s something to be said for taking a break. Everyone brings a food assignment (so we balance) and a one-minute show-n-tell. … Continue reading

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My mother was what today we call a stay-at-home mom. Most moms were back then. A fastidious housekeeper, she took pride in giving her family a nice place to live. I mean her no disrespect when I say she would … Continue reading

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