We don’t care too much that we have birthdays. In fact we figure it’s a pretty good sign that we’re still alive. So when the calendar says it’s time to celebrate, we do!

On our way to the coast, I told Mauri I wouldn’t be photographing anything we were about to eat, since my last two posts focused on food. We wouldn’t want you to think that’s all we think about around here, all we do, although, for the record, we both eat every day, at least three times every day, most often more often.

I’m always glad when Mauri has a birthday because it closes the gap between our ages to one number, not two. I don’t think I’d mind if he called me “the little woman,” in fact I might actually like it, but I wouldn’t like it at all if he started calling me “the older woman.”

So here are just a few pictures of the now-older man celebrating his arrival at age 63.

Mr. Darcy was quite interested in the puppy calendar from Edna. At this stage in her life, we haven’t found anything she’s not interested in.

Since I wasn’t photographing food, I had very little reason to pull out my camera. We Goodwill shopped and read and napped and walked in the sand and even attended a meeting. I followed the older man into the “shelter” at Twin Rocks Friends Camp where he has history with a particular shot that goes up over the beam (at the very top of the pic) and then swishes through the hoop. Click!

This doesn’t count, does it?

Today the four local Macy “kids” took us into Portland for a celebration. Here we are at Cupcake Jones in the Pearl District. Let me tell you, it was hard deciding between too many decadent options. Oops. This picture shows something edible. Just put your finger over those round things on the counter.

Okay, you can look now.

These guys have good reason to be glad their pop was born.

Me too.

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3 Responses to older

  1. LizW says:

    Happy Birthday, Mauri!!!! 🙂

  2. Dave Maurer says:

    I’m glad Mauri was born, too. He’s a good friend and a great man. Happy Birthday to the Boss of Music!

  3. Ridge says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mauri! So glad you got there before me….just kidding! Hope this year brings grace and joy complete! We love you. Wally & Ridge

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