I love my job! Every now and then I get to serve families who have lost a loved one from our church family. Today I got to host a memorial service for a woman who lived longer than 97 years and had a big impact on many people throughout her life. She and her husband raised two fine sons. They both live in California, so we made a plan to meet an hour before the service to take care of the necessary details. They had asked Mauri to play the piano for the service, so he showed up too but with no idea what music they would choose.

An hour before it started, the sons sat with Mauri and planned the service.

It was a wonderful service, full of singing and stories, a fitting tribute to this high-spirited lover of God, people, and life.

I learned from an attending friend, who used to be on the pastoral team, that thirty or so years ago, the sons’ mother gave the church office a detailed description of what she wanted for her memorial service. I imagine we’ll come across it one of these days when we get around to organizing the archives.

That’s ironic. But I’m going to think she’d have liked what happened today a lot more than what she had planned.

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4 Responses to irony

  1. Amy P says:

    I didn’t know she passed away! She’s such a sweetheart and I loved serving her at the manor. Love the picture too- she really adored him.

  2. Two memories:

    When I was really little I took tennis lessons from both of them.

    Around that same age I would go to the manor and play chess against her.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. Tim Arensmeier says:

    Sherry – thank you so much for posting this. Regarding her desires, I almost commented that mom would have wanted the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but what she got was dear friends singing the praises of Jesus. I think she won!

    And, thank you for all the work you did both behind the scenes and just being there.

    Yours, In Christ,

    tim (for the arensmeier crew – all . . .)

  4. Claudia Gerwin says:

    I was so glad to find this blog from the YFC Alumni website. I, too, am an alumna of the national office – worked with Lynn Doerschuk on the Johnny Cash Youth Specials, then produced Family Forum for a number of years – 13 total. I used Wee Sing with my kids when they were small, and still have the cassettes – they’re wonderful! It’s nice to put a face with the producers. And, your description of the service for the Saint was encouraging – my mom is 89, lives with me, and I am beginning to gather information for her memorial service, because I know it will be one of these days unless the Lord comes back – Maranatha!

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