how it’s going

People who know the close relationship I enjoy with my daughter express surprise that we rarely talk on the phone. Even when we’re together we don’t talk that much. But on occasion one of us will invite the other for a phone date. You might imagine I want to know how things are going with the newly enlarged Anderson family. So tonight we phone talked.

And here I am reporting in to say it’s going very well!

All five started school on Tuesday: 7th grade (Bailey), 5th grade (Marissa), 4th grade (Addison), kindergarten (Cassidy), and pre-K (Paul). The fourth grade teachers have done advance preparation to have a non-English-speaking student in class, and it didn’t take long for them to notice — “to know Addison is to love her.” Of course I think that about all of these terrific Anderson children and would gladly wax eloquent about the extraordinary qualities of each one of them, being their proud grandma (Gus) and all.

Tuesday night, a mere three weeks with her new family, during family prayers Addison decided to pray in English instead of Amharic. Quinn allows me to share her sweet prayer: “Thank you God Jesus for this day. Thank you for mom and dad. For Cassidy and Marissa. For Paul and brother Bailey. For school and teacher. For friends. Amen.”


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2 Responses to how it’s going

  1. Craig MacDonald says:


  2. Ridge says:

    Yet another box of Kleenex bites the dust! Look at those smiles, what a beautiful testimony to God’s grace, mercy and love!

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