fence post

Last week, after our drive across the coast range to Tillamook, we made our usual stop at Five Rivers Coffee Roasters, which also happens to be an antique store.

On our way in, this sign caught my attention.

We knew that at the end of our week with the family we’d be picking up our new pup, Mr. Darcy.  One of the givens would be that we add enough fencing to our neighbors’ fences to enclose our backyard. So we purchased three 10-foot sections of some delightfully used fence.

On our way home Mauri secured the sections to the roof of our yes-it’s-purple van. No way it was going to budge as we crossed the mountain.

Taking a puppy out to p&p every hour on a leash got old really fast. We wasted no time in hiring Handy Dan to dig some post holes and install the “new” fence. This is all, plus a little section on the other side, that was necessary. And we love it! It fits our old apple tree and funky house to a T.

Even more than we love the fence, Darcy loves the fence. Can you see her in the sunny spot? She just runs her little legs off .

And drops over to visit with Cousin Alice, the neighbor’s black Lab, any time she wants.

Pete and Linsey came a callin’ today. Looks like we’ll be spending more time in the backyard now than we have in the past 15 years.

This concludes my fence post.

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4 Responses to fence post

  1. Rachel says:

    Darcy is D-A-R-L-I-N-G. Love the pic with Pete and Lins. Does she just happen to be sitting or does she know HOW to sit?

  2. David Sherwood says:

    “Fence post” indeed. Now aren’t you clever! Good looking dog, as well as fence.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You have the best backyard ever. Now it’s PERFECT with the addition of an adorable puppy. I love the shot with Cousin Alice. I took some photos of the tree (and feeder) during my visit (thanks again!!). I’ll send ’em your way soon! 🙂

  4. Julene says:

    What a face Darcy has! Someone….is in for some pretty puddles of poooie to pick-up! Do you need a bucket? Used, of course!
    What a lovely summer you have had!
    The pattern is yours anytime!! :)) It comes with many, many pieces!

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