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state fair

My Oregon State Fair experience has to include a pulled pork sandwich! You can see why, can’t you? Your mouth is watering, I know it is. My friend Lisa and I walked around some of the exhibits, but the main … Continue reading

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Last night we drove 21 miles to buy licorice. Black licorice. Target is the closest store that sells the good stuff. These August evenings call out for any excuse to take a drive while the top is off the jeep. … Continue reading

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wedding quiz

How many rounds of “Trumpet Voluntary” does it take to get ten bridesmaids and nine groomsmen off the platform? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

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how it’s going

People who know the close relationship I enjoy with my daughter express surprise that we rarely talk on the phone. Even when we’re together we don’t talk that much. But on occasion one of us will invite the other for … Continue reading

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fence post

Last week, after our drive across the coast range to Tillamook, we made our usual stop at Five Rivers Coffee Roasters, which also happens to be an antique store. On our way in, this sign caught my attention. We knew … Continue reading

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After eight dogless, dog-free years, we got a puppy! Crazy! She came home tonight and already is best buds with her master Mauri. We named her Jane Austen but will call her Mr. Darcy, or simply Darcy. She’s an 8-week-old … Continue reading

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this week in pictures

                                                      photo by John/Erin Macy                      … Continue reading

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My daughter, Quinn, is now the mother of five children. Her first two, Bailey and Marissa, came through marriage to Dusty, then they made one from scratch, Cassidy. I witnessed both events (the latter from down the hall) with great … Continue reading

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