saturday fun

My friend Lisa asked me to come and take pictures of her “kids” before people answer her ad to adopt them. I’ve been visiting the pups on a weekly basis since English setter Little Ann whelped six and a half weeks ago. What a hoot trying to pose her four little rascals! 

“You line ’em up and I’ll count to three….”

“One, two…”

“…THREE…” Shoot.

Finally!  It’s not perfect, but might have to do. Now how about one with the mama.

Hmm, that might be pushing it.

Then, pictures of the human mama with each of her kids. This is Toby.

Little Jane is clearly my favorite. If we could have her…

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2 Responses to saturday fun

  1. Paula says:

    Little Jane Austen, perhaps? And why CAN’T you have her?

  2. Ridge says:

    You could so easily have her! You are within walking distance of home, could let her out/play at lunch….I’ll trade you!

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