family ties

This is my niece Krista. I am extremely fond of her. She came to visit us from Santa Barbara. Okay, so she came to Oregon to hike with a friend, but since she was up our way she asked if she could come hang out with us for a few days.

Krista was born (to my sister, Carol) the same year Quinn was born (to me). We lived on opposite sides of the country, so connections were rare. In their 37 years on this earth they’ve been together exactly 17 times. Know how I know? I have a photo collection of each time they’ve been together. Surprise, surprise.

Here are a few favs:

They are so well “trained” that when Krista visited Quinn last year, they made sure I got my picture for the series.

Gotta love it. Gotta love them!

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1 Response to family ties

  1. Ridge says:

    You are so good at this! What fun to see the progression!

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