You probably heard me shout out earlier today. That was when I found my cherished but long-lost polar bear necklace in a pouch of a rarely used purse. Quinn bought it for me a long time ago, and I wore it every day for many years. It was like a signature to me, and I felt incomplete when I couldn’t find it in the zipper pocket of my suitcase, where I was so sure I put it. Not only that, I wondered if Cassidy would know me next time we were together.

After all, her Gus (me) and a polar bear necklace to suck on went hand in hand. After a long interval between visits, I sent her this picture, so she wouldn’t forget me.

And, sure enough, on the drive to their house from the airport the next time I visited, she leaned toward me and asked, “Gus, where’s your mecklace.” [We were sad when she learned to pronounce her “n’s”.]

I’ll see that girl in the next week or two and will bet a dollar to a donut that she’ll notice.

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4 Responses to found!

  1. Michael says:

    “Dollar to a donut”? That’s a new one on me… I like it.

  2. Julene says:

    What a great feeling it is to find something you thought was lost!!
    Have a good time with your kiddos!!

  3. Jere says:

    My dad always said ‘dollar to donut’ and other gems like ‘we’re off like a herd of turtles.’

    I love your story. Can’t wait to hear Cassidy’s response!

  4. Leane says:

    I remember ” dollar to a donut”, but haven’t heard it for a long time. I lost my gold wedding band last January, told the insurance company about it in February, plan on turning in a claim tomorrow and you know what I’ll find next month–probably the ring. Murphy’s Law still is in effect! Howard and Margi told us you were up to mischief on your Facebook account. Think I’ll go looking for Howard’s picture! We all had a great visit.

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