my dad

After my dad’s memorial service 13 years ago, we all gathered at my nephew’s house in Jacksonville, Florida, and over banana splits made a long list of “Carl Nill-isms”—characteristics and peculiarities that defined him. You can be sure we laughed a lot that night. It was a fitting farewell to our patriarch.

This picture reminds me to add one more. It was not uncommon to see him in his business clothes “washing” his car with a restaurant paper napkin that he couldn’t bear to waste. 

I’m glad we don’t have to limit our parental honor and remembrances to two days a year. But I also don’t want to miss the chance to express appreciation for my dad, even if he isn’t around to hear it.

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4 Responses to my dad

  1. mona says:

    Oh the memories that the picture bring sto mind . What a wonderful man to tell the world about Jesus it didn’t matter where you were or who you were ithe would tell about Jesus.He was a joy to be around.

  2. Craig MacDonald says:

    Great story. But you had me at the picture of a ’55(?) Buick. Sweet looking car!

  3. Cheryl Nill says:

    We were just talking about Grandpa Nill today…How he never missed the opportunity to tell other peple about Jesus. What a heart he had for evangelism.

  4. Ridge says:

    I LOVE this photo! I do wish we had all known each other much earlier in life!

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