today we celebrated!

Yesterday afternoon Mauri and I had an errand in Portland, so of course he had an idea where we should eat lunch from his faithful viewing of the show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

We would call this a “diner” and would definitely recommend it. I ordered semolina griddlecakes with bacon (they were hearty!) and Mauri … well, here, take a look.

Hmmm. What would you name this dish? 

Errand accomplished and back home, Mauri double-tasked roasting coffee with recipe hunting. He had these two roaster chickens calling out for some special treatment. 

Not long after I snapped this pic (can you imagine what it must be like living with a blogger?) he was off to the store for some mayonnaise and a meat injector and even a can of beer. I was invited to participate in the rubbing and the injecting process, but thought maybe I’d be most useful as a witness. I did manage to hold open the plastic bag while he dropped the birds into their resting pouches for a cool night in the fridge.

Outdoors, the cooker held a steady 230 degrees all afternoon. Indoors, the traditional oven (with the green bean casserole and the cherry something or other) did its thing without my intervention. We are a two-cook, dual-cooker family.

No, we don’t usually produce this much food for just the two of us. Tonight we celebrated…

John’s freshly shaven face.

Fathers Day (a day early), skyping with Rachel and Oscar!

And Pete’s 34th birthday (also a day early).

I hope you didn’t skip past that link under John’s picture with his Grandma Williams. It’s worth every cent you paid to read this post.

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate the summer solstice. Any ideas?

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1 Response to today we celebrated!

  1. Ridge says:

    So is the cafe also a “real” library…what a fabulous idea…I think that’s something Wally and I ought to investigate! Mauri’s plate of food should be called “Wally Wishes It Were His”!

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