what are we smokin’ tonight?

It didn’t take long after discovering the remarkable flavor of meat smoked on a Traeger for us to buy one. The year: 1996. Smoking meat in the driveway brought calls of concern from our neighbors, who thought our house was afire.

It seemed like a good idea to build a smoke center off the back of our house. So Mauri, along with a licensed contractor, got to work.

Soon he was smoking meat and roasting coffee—winter, spring, summer, and fall—to his heart’s content. 

Thirteen years later the Traeger still has some life in it, but we thought maybe it was time to upgrade.

Yesterday Mauri drove to a Portland warehouse to pick up our new smoker. He e-mailed me this progress report.

It’s almost home!

Papa Murphy’s helped us initiate this new and improved baking system. 

And just one more splurge to celebrate the purchase:

Who’d’a thought chocolate chip cookies could taste so good from a wood-pellet smoke cooker!

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1 Response to what are we smokin’ tonight?

  1. John says:

    Looking good. Can’t wait to taste what it can do:)

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