On this day every year I think about three of my moms. On Sunday we celebrated Edna’s 90th, but today is her actual birthday. On this day 21 years ago, the mother who gave me life lost hers. I was blessed to be alone with her when she moved “up.” It could have happened yesterday, so fresh is my memory of that moment. On this day 15 years ago, my first mother-in-law passed from life into death. I was alone with her as well. 

I mention the above simply because it’s on my mind. But since you’ve stopped by, I’ll show you this picture posted on Julene’s blog.

She pointed out that “Gramma Williams” does not need to sit; the chair was provided as a “throne of honor.” She can out walk, out line-dance most of us.

At Edna’s party we all shared stories about her. Brother Daryl told everyone that just recently Mom went to the DMV and was granted a driver’s license for the next eight years! She took the story from there: “I just walked up to the desk with my birth certificate and my passport. The clerk looked at the date I was born and said, ‘1919! How do you do it?’ I just said, ‘Well, genes. And I’ve never smoked and I never drink alcohol. And…I’m a Christian!’ She just looked at me and said, ‘Well, that explains it!'”

I hope she won’t mind if I share this from an e-mail she sent me yesterday:

P.S. I felt so overwhelmed at all the nice things that were said about me yesterday! One of the scripture verses that has over the years been a favorite is: “In honor, preferring one another,” which I am sure I don’t always put into practice, but it has always been my goal. Nuf sed! Love, Mom Edna

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