I keep four pairs of casino-sized dice near my desk at the office. They’re not really for my own amusement, though I get a lot of pleasure out of hiding them in the visible and reachable nooks and crannies of my office when young friends come to visit.

When Nate comes every Thursday after Women’s Bible Fellowship (with his mama, Lisa), he first makes a beeline to Denise’s candy dish then patiently waits in the hall while I hide the dice. The hunt begins. I think he spots one.

He takes inventory along the way. Eight! He found all of them. Those fingers alone could win the cute contest.

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1 Response to dice

  1. Lisa says:

    Awww! He SO loves to come visit Shewwy! You’re the highlight of his Thursday. 🙂 And I enjoy our chats too. 🙂

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