Last week as Mauri and I walked through the halls of the local retirement community, Friendsview, he subtly pointed to a 35ish-looking woman and told me she was once a Young Friends Singer. This testifies to his durability, if nothing else. The energetic Young Friends Singers began their spring tour yesterday by helping lead worship at our church, then continued in the afternoon with a full 45-minute concert at the above-mentioned retirement community. 

The kids sang great and managed to hold it all together to the final tune—an encore!

The director has learned over the years how to haul risers, keyboard, stool, amp, guitar, etc. all in one trip.

Today was the final rehearsal (that’s Bethany, YFS co-director, in the red sweater) when traditionally the kids make paper airplanes…

…and fly them from the balcony (the second row, in case you are worried).

With all the action, it’s hard to predict what kind of pictures I’ll get, but here are a couple of favs:

I could never have planned the symmetry in this one. Madeline’s plane turned upside down and glided gracefully to a perfect landing.

We should think of a caption. Got one? (PS: Mike sent me this related link. Cool, huh?)

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5 Responses to yfs

  1. Ridge says:

    It’s a bird….no, it’s a plane….no, it’s Superman.

  2. Luke says:

    I guess that one was a space shuttle!

  3. Mike says:

    “Sure is nice having the Jumbotron in here so we can watch the replays!”

    Seriously though, I sure have enjoyed and appreciated the YFS over the years. Those are OUR kids!

  4. Cherice says:

    I was a YFS, too! Great memories…one (silly) one that’s stuck with me (although there are many other ones) is Mauri reminding us that even if a big, fat, black FLY flew around and landed on our nose we were supposed to keep our hands at our sides! It’s amazing that he gets all those kids to actually DO so, and enjoy it! Thanks, Mauri! =)

  5. Melanie says:

    Thanks for posting these, Sherry (and for the enigmatic Facebook status that made me come here). And thanks to Mauri for making the kids throw their planes from the second row. Whew. This mom is relieved.

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