green, not black

The phone rang before daylight dropped through the skylight of our sleeping quarters. It was a Portland officer. Not the kind of call you want to answer at 5 a.m. She told Mauri that our black jeep had been involved in an accident out on the freeway. Our jeep is green, said he, and he was quite sure it was parked in our garage. A peek in the garage revealed this:

Some scoundrel had swiped our front plate, most likely when I had it and its rightfully assigned jeep in Portland over the weekend (see previous post), and attached it to a stolen black jeep. I suppose I should feel bad that the perp was involved in an accident. Who knows how long it would have taken me to notice my tag was missing. I followed instructions and reported the theft to the Newberg police first thing (not at 5 a.m. though). Now I’m waiting for a call back from the Portland officer to see if the license has to be held in evidence or whether I can reclaim it. Meanwhile, guess who’s driving illegally!

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