the last shall be first

It was time to leave the house (for lunch at Jim’s Cheesesteak and the airport) and I still hadn’t captured the family portrait I needed to take home with me. John was making a home-repair call, so while Rachel swung Oscar to maintain his good humor for the picture, I snapped off a few shots to test the camera’s white balance. 

That last sentence was to give you the impression, though false, that I know anything at all about a camera’s white balance. I only know the words because Mauri keeps telling me I need to adjust the camera’s white balance.

On Rachel’s upswing I caught what turned out to be my very best Oscar shot. 

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2 Responses to the last shall be first

  1. This picture is absolutely adorable! What a darling baby!

  2. Julene says:

    That is a very, very cute baby!! I’ll keep smiling just thinking about his expression! Rachel and John are glowing parents!

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