new era

To get my mind off the fact that Oklahoma (last hope in my NCAA bracket) is losing to UNC, I’ll divert my attention to this unposed picture I took yesterday of the stack of recyclables headed out to the bin. It represents a big, and most likely permanent, change in our household. 

Because of what appeared to be an unrepairable ground hum on our landline, we decided to use our cell phones exclusively. I placed an ad in the local Need Sheet, offering our house-wide telephone system to the first comer. So I dug all the user manuals from the file to pass along, deeming that particular file folder obsolete. Out with the old, in with the new—one BlackBerry each. His the Curve 8900, mine the Flip. Ah, but we preserved one aspect of the old: the home phone number associated with the Macy home for 30 years. That we needed to keep. So Mauri ported to his cell phone. We’re finding he can ignore calls on his hip just as efficiently as he can ignore them in the house.

Just kidding, mostly.

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