adventures into cooking

Some friends from Mauri’s handbell choir gave him the perfect Christmas gift: an Aerobie aeropress. It was so perfect, he already had one. But the gifters freed him to exchange it, which he did—for a new wok. It was a little hard to retire the old wok, given the years of good service it provided. The new wok has opened all kinds of new cooking opportunities. 

Our recent visit to PF Changs inspired this delightful dish:

Lettuce wraps! We looked up the recipe only after we did the shopping, but Mauri’s keen sense for ingredients paid off deliciously.

A few days later we were to meet with our reading group, to discuss Things Fall Apart, a novel written 50 years ago in English by an African. We always share a meal first, so this time we tried hard to put together traditional African foods. Since our Anderson “kids” are in the process of adopting Ethiopian siblings, I thought it would be fun to try an Ethiopian recipe. Google led me to the easy-enough Ethiopian Vegetable Bowl. Safeway sells all the ingredients except white cabbage, and I’m just not a purist when it comes to food. Green cabbage would be just fine.

Well. The wok sauteed all those veggies like a charm. And the simmering too. It even has a flat bottom, making it so very portable. And look.

Our hosts, Mark and Lisa, even own an African ladle.

And they made flat bread and yam fries! Mmmm (they’re both saying).

What was our African dessert, you ask? Fudge pie. Mmmmmm (we all said).

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  1. Q. says:

    You two are somethin’ else! This just makes me smile and smile…

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