forty years

On Facebook a while ago several folks “tagged” me to share 25 random things about myself. I enjoyed reading random things about others, so I decided to join in. My number 23: “I always wanted to be a mom. God gave me the desire of my heart three times, though I wanted a dozen. That wasn’t financially feasible, so I was content with three. Then in a way only God can orchestrate, I gained three more children through my marriage to Mauri. Four of our six children are married, which grew the total to ten. That’s pretty close to a dozen. I feel truly blessed.”

Today I celebrate 40 years of motherhood, which also means my firstborn turns 40 today. So of course I can’t pass up an opportunity to post a handful of embarrassing pictures. It’s what mothers do. And mothers display pictures in their offices of their babies, even 40 years after they carry them home from the hospital.

Only a handful of people still around will remember Bentley Alexander Carlson like this:

I remember staring at him, barely able to accomplish anything.

I wasn’t alone in my joy over our boy. 

Despite the look on his face, he really did (and does) like his sister.

Being prepared.

Ben the business man. I have no memory of what this was about. Do you, B?

His childhood would not be considered deprived, though we did without other things.

His Don Johnson phase. (with Rob Scott, youth pastor and friend)

First set of wheels. He still hasn’t parted with this car, though he probably wishes it still looks like this.

The older they get, the more impressive their toys.

My boy Ben the fly fisherman.

Headed out to party as, can you guess? Drew Carey.

Ben and his nephew, Bailey, strike the signature “Ben pose.”

The “Ben pose” with one of his many friends.

And “the pose” with his nieces and nephew.

Here they are, the original three of my ten children. Happy Motherhood Day to me!

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2 Responses to forty years

  1. Ridge says:

    What a blessing(s)! I wanted 3, only got 1, but He managed to wrap up all good things in the one He gave me…also a blessing!

  2. Rachel says:

    So fun to see Ben growing up–you did good!

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