in concert

Mauri tells about a church that is committed to blended worship, which they define as a morning when they sing at least one song that isn’t written by Chris Tomlin. We’ve just returned from a Chris Tomlin concert, thanks to friends who couldn’t use their tickets. Chris’s openers were Israel Houghton and New Breed. I enjoyed him/them more than the lead guy and could sing along with the first five songs. Since my computer has access to the CCLI website, I looked him up and learned he has written 165 songs! Out of curiosity I looked up how many songs Chris Tomlin has written. Surprise! Fewer, by a long shot—69.

We were reminded that “concert” doesn’t necessarily mean we sit and listen to someone perform, especially in this context. Everyone stands and sings along. It’s a worship experience. This will give you an idea…

Just above the white spot it says “Portland SOLD OUT.” And a bunch of “SOLD OUTs” above it. We might be living in a tight economy, but people are prioritizing, looks like. Or maybe they all have generous friends. Thanks, Alan and Michelle!

PS: We had a serendipity. Bumped into niece Laura Jane and Matt Randall. Wish I’d thought to take their picture.

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