extra fun

We always have some kind of special fun at our monthly family dinners. But I have to admit today’s held more than the usual amount. While we missed three of our clan, four joined us. Nephew Ben turned 31 today and gave us another excuse to sing the Macy birthday song, always a treat.

Niece Hannah (brother Howard’s daughter) has recently taken the position of guest services director at our beloved Twin Rocks Friends Camp out at the Oregon coast, so the family now lives within driving distance of Newberg and can join us from time to time.

We switch off food assignments from month to month, so it carries all the best elements of a potluck meal. But of course our one-minute show ‘n’ tell always takes the cake. Today we saw yet another gadget from Cousin Craig; Cousin Wendy shared something sentimental; Howard, a coffee calendar; MomEdna, joyful pride in the 27-0 victories of her George Fox women’s basketball team (she attends every home game); Pete and Linsey used their turns to stand in for the world-traveling John and Erin:

Ta da! Erin’s book is in print! …and available for sale here… Shameless, I know.

But wait! Looks who’s inside!

Son John. Bonus! By the way, this is what John looks like now.


He’s added a little bit of facial hair on his travels.

But—back to show ‘n’ tell. Super special guests joined us all the way from Philadelphia—via Skype!

Rachel and John and three-week-old Oscar. I’d call that extra fun!

After we’d made the rounds and everyone had a turn at show ‘n’ tell, great-grandma Edna got a private audience.

The house is reordered, tablecloths and napkins agitate in the washer, we are reclining in front of the Georgetown/Villa Nova game (and one of us is napping), and it could be reviewing and sharing these moments with you are a close second to the actual family gathering.

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2 Responses to extra fun

  1. Cool pics! I’d like to see that little boy up close. I bet you have some pictures of him.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m stealing a picture from this to put on our webpage! I/we were enjoying our skype time with you all so much that I forgot to take a picture from this side… still learning to be more camera-savvy!

    It was WONDERFUL to see everyone this way… we hope to do it again soon!

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