growing interest in ethiopia

I have followed with interest the adoption process first of Quinn and Dusty’s friends the Schelhaas family and then the Pender family. Little did I know their experiences would be my preparation for the news we got yesterday that our own Anderson family have made the decision to adopt two Ethiopian siblings. This was not a total surprise because Quinn has mentioned interest in international adoption for a couple of years now, wondering aloud if God might be leading them in that direction. I must admit I was more ready to share my concerns than to ask helpful questions. My loss. I might have gotten to process with her/them this life-changing decision.

So we’ll be grandparents to five Anderson kids in about year, if all goes according to the plan. I am wholehearted in my support for them and will trust God to relieve me of those concerns, which are based totally on my observation of some adoptions that didn’t work out very well. Not all birth children grow up well, even in loving home/family environments. So I will fold these thoughts into my prayer for the Andersons as they embark on this important journey. Maybe you’ll join me! I’ll no doubt be updating you on the process

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3 Responses to growing interest in ethiopia

  1. andra says:

    this is so exciting! i can’t wait to hear more about the new family members!!!

  2. Ridge says:

    This is such exciting, good news. What blessed little ones to have these two as future parents! There are two teachers here at Shome who have adopted Ethiopian babies, including a set of twins! So far, so good…. remember, God is in the details!

  3. Michelle says:

    I have to admit that every time I hear of someone “getting to adopt” my heart hurts a bit. It has been a deep source of emotion for me for years and years. I cannot think of anything more beautiful and more important than taking a child with no family and providing a loving caring home/family/siblings. Wow, what an amazing journey you’ll get to witness Sherry. When I accepted the position at NFC it was admitting that adoption would not happen in our near future (possibly not ever). For now I am content knowing that my ministry allows me to love dozens of kids beyond the ones in my own home. You can be sure I’ll be praying for the Andersons and for you.

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