Last Friday two (expected) packages waited on the front porch for me to get home from work. One was big, one small. The normal me would find a nice place to store new software and the new gadget until … let’s just say I procrastinate until indefinitely.

The abnormal me came out of nowhere to open both boxes right away. The big one held this:


Looks like a space alien, doesn’t it? I ordered it after stumbling upon an infomercial for relieving back pain. I finally realized my mobility issues were not going to go away and I’d better get proactive. Thus the acupuncture (two of four treatments so far). And now this gadget. It’s really quite cool. It gently stretches the muscles in my lower back while I just lie there like this:


While this gadget requires nothing of me, software is an intense mental workout. That’s why I usually shelve it. But I couldn’t justify that when an entire uncommitted weekend lay before me. And a deadline.


I learned Finale (music notation software) eight years ago when I typeset the books for Wee Sing. The songs were simple but complex at the same time. Wee Sing is back and “the girls” asked me to resume as their music engraver/typesetter. 


The original books were hand “engraved” and my work is on the right. 

The weekend is almost over, and I’ve started to get the hang of the software again. I figure if I learned it once, I can learn it again.

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4 Responses to abnormal

  1. Ridge says:

    Multi-talented you are, my friend! What a great opportunity!

    And…a trick for lower back pain at night…sleep with a pillow between your knees, it straightens out your spine and does wonders for sleeping issues!

  2. Luke Ankeny says:

    I saw a Wee-Sing CD set in one of the classrooms in the public school here in Entiat, during my custodial days, a few months ago. Even though I new the answer, I had to look on the back of the case to verify the studio.

  3. bathrooms says:

    Thanks for posting this, lifted my day.

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