I first met Craig MacDonald when he was my Sunday school teacher at Berean Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Even though that was in the late ’80s, I think, I still carry with me his important teachings. Craig has many interests, and he writes about them every day, faithfully, on his blog. Earlier this week he wrote about wanting to get his hands on a VW “Beetle” – ’67 or earlier – to work on. Being the charitable friend I am, I searched a photo file titled “cars” for something tantalizing to wave in front of him. I wanted to make him jealous that Paul and I started our married life with a brand new ’67 VW convertible. Oh, he was impressed.

Being always on the lookout for a good series (for me, two constitutes a series), my eyes landed on these two shots, both in that “cars” file:


Yes, that’s me at age 20…and


that’s Margaret-Rose. We sure liked our bugs. And what we wouldn’t give to have them now!

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2 Responses to bugs

  1. Rachel says:

    What cool pics! I love them both…

  2. Craig MacDonald says:

    Is it OK for a preacher to be jealous on a Sunday morning? Yours, especially. We had a ’67 early in our marriage, too. Same color, but a sedan.
    Heavy sigh.

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