I left you with the impression I spend every January evening watching movies and eating junk. While that’s absolutely true, I redeem myself by also doing our taxes. And the senior Macys’ taxes. (Actually, we hire Nancy to prepare the actual returns, but I have to give her the accurate information.) So, see? Look at all this work!


There’s another reason I sit around. Something’s askew in my chassis, and sitting seems to be my best option. So I sit at the office (thankfully that’s what I’d do there anyway) and I sit when I sleep and I sit and I sit and I sit. But I’m taking steps.

Today I looked something like this:


Denise and Quinn kept nagging me to give it a try. No miracles yet, bit I’m feeling hopeful.

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3 Responses to sit

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh Sherry, that looks a bit painful to be a human pin cushion. BUT-if that’s what works than I pray it will.

  2. Ridge says:

    What….no “pins and needles” feeling at all? Let me know how it goes, I’ve always been curious.

  3. John says:

    Make sure not to roll over when you have the needles in. I made that mistake before. Hope it goes well

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