january space

I might have already mentioned that Mauri is at the coast. This is his eighth year in a row to help with leadership of four week-long retreats. I used to get invited to attend one or all of the retreats, but I always declined because, quite frankly, it isn’t my thing. I think I’m too independent and not introspective enough. Whenever I’m in a meeting where there’s a threat of breaking up into small groups, I sit by the door. So Mauri and I look on January as an opportunity for each of us to enjoy a little space. 

I work eight to five M-F, so my “space” happens in the evenings. I’m not a shopper, so one evening drive to the nearest Goodwill store might be the only outing I need. The rest of the time I’m quite content to OD on movies. Here you can see what’s stacked by the TV tonight.


Of course “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility” are never far from the DVD player. This little sampling is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, even though we just did a major purge of our movie collection (my one and only vice). 

Since Mauri isn’t here to cook, I keep meal planning to a minimum. Last week I made a huge tuna casserole and ate a decent portion for supper every night. Hey, it’s once a year and I just love that stuff. This week my suppers take 49 seconds to assemble and a minute and a half to zap in the microwave. I took a picture of the before:


and had the deliberate plan to take a picture of the heated version, just to impress you with my culinary skills. But when the aroma reached my olfactory receptor, I forgot.

January also means it’s time to call Roto Rooter for a Rootx treatment. This got added to my January list several years ago when we realized the hard way (oh, my!) that tree roots can back up the pipes. It takes the RR guy only a few minutes, but then he reminds me not to use the water for two or three hours. Since I’ve already proven how forgetful I can be, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a little help(er) to remind me.


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3 Responses to january space

  1. Ridge says:

    That pig is too cute!

    I think you need to add “Anne of Green Gables” to your movie repertoire! Megan Follows does such a grand job as the spunky Anne.

  2. Erin says:

    Is tuna noodle cassarole on this year’s menu?

  3. Joel Bock says:

    Wow, that pig is amazingly happy. I hope Espen is that happy as we begin potty training!

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